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app inside Telegram
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The service for creating Telegram applications Unitee combines all the functionality that you are used to developing in many services separately.

Forget endless customizations, integrations, contractor searches, high overpayments and risks. Unitee already knows what functionality you need and has integrated everything into a single working system.
Apps are the next step in the evolution of bots
Right now, building the customer journey requires combining many solutions and developing them separately:
The Unitee platform allows you to combine all these functionalities into one convenient application on the user's screen, which can be called from any link in Telegram.
Webinar rooms
Landing pages
Forms of payment
Learning platforms
Telegram channels
Your solution looks like a full-fledged app with its own unique layout, logic and design that opens inside Telegram
Unitee administration panel combines the functions of CRM-system, analytics, visual designer, mailing list and many others. It is convenient to work both from a phone and a desktop.
Unitee can accept 27 payment methods, it is also one of the first services to accept USDT payments
Publish paid content, accept homework and announce events in one app.
Create a new online learning experience!
Rewards, quests, paid subscription access, statuses, internal currency, roles, discussion threads - just a small part of the available options. There are no analogs on the market.
Train and train your chatbots using text instructions or data from any file or website. Then use them to automatically communicate with your audience at any time.
Do you own an online school or promote infoproducts?
We can develop application logic for any business area
Order a demonstration of a ready-made online learning solution
Submit a request for the development of application logic for your tasks
On the basis of Unitee you can implement any logic of attracting, engaging and retaining customers for any niche
A unique interface for your application
CRM, user-friendly administration panel
All types of payments, including international payments
Training platform functionality
All functionality for working with communities
Artificial Intelligence Unitee.AI
Realization of different funnel variants
What opportunities will Unitee open up for you?
Launch fast quality in-app lendings that give high conversion rates on your products, at no additional cost
On the basis of Unitee you can implement any logic of attracting, engaging and retaining customers for any niche
Landing page builder
Functionality for launching online stores
Over 100+ different features available for implementation
Cross-cutting analytics
Issuing bonuses for actions
Integrations via API
Verification of conditions
Page Builder
Cashback setting
Events and ticket sales
Sending notifications
Paid content
Local currencies
Training programs
Payment Acceptance
Automating communication through AI
Gamification and Achievement
News Feed
Creating feedback forms
Search by application
Calendars, date and time reservations
Selecting a platform design
Creating tests and quizzes
User statistics
Online store and shopping cart
Video Support
Our team will design, develop, and build an application specifically for your needs
You don't want to handle it yourself?
Accepting payments in USDT and TON (Wallet pay)
Referral systems
Creating CJM scripts
Interactive map of participants
Single window of communication
Funnels and scripts
Contacts, transactions and tasks in the CRM system
Newsletters photo, text, voices
Our platform is used by more than 100 different projects from infobusiness to HoReCa and retail segments
Projects Gallery
Infobusiness solution
Community Application
Online store
Business Club, Invest
The solution for beauty salons
Demo case
Demo case
Demo case
Demo case
Demo case
Dmitry Korobkov
Founder of Unitee Space
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Over 20 years in IT.
  • Community Evangelist.
Artemy Mir
Co-founder of Unitee Space
  • Entrepreneur, investor, visionary, scientist.
  • Creator of the EVOLVER community, an «evolutionary doctrine» philosophy.
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